Interviews with former Magdalene women and girls
MAGOHP/10/ANON – Evelyn
MAGOHP/12/ANON – Bernadette
MAGOHP/13/ANON – Bernadette & Francis Murphy
MAGOHP/15 – Mary Currington
MAGOHP/31 – Mary Smith
MAGOHP/41/ANON – Chrissie Plunkett
MAGOHP/46/ANON – Pippa Flanagan
MAGOHP/48/ANON – Martha
MAGOHP/50/ANON – Kate O'Sullivan

MAGOHP/73/ANON - Kathleen R
MAGOHP/49/ANON - Angelina Mayfield (Click here to access papers donated by interviewee)

Interviews with relatives of Magdalenes
MAGOHP/77/ANON – Johanna Barrett

Interviews with Key Informants
MAGOHP/57 – Anne Culhane
MAGOHP/58 – Paul O'Shaughnessy
MAGOHP/59 – Michael Cowhey
MAGOHP/61 – Trevor Heaney
MAGOHP/63 – John Kennedy
MAGOHP/64 – Mary O'Mara
MAGOHP/65 – Pat Logue
MAGOHP/66 – Pat O'Byrne

Interviews with Activists
MAGOHP/27 – Phyllis Morgan
MAGOHP/62 – John Gilligan

16th March 2016
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March 2016
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